Who We Are

IDJO GROUP SDN.BHD. is a wholesale/distributor of consumer goods, mainly furniture, digital gadgets, electronics & electrics specialized in Eastern Europe, US, Hong Kong and CIS markets. We are composed by a team of professional sales representatives located throughout Europe and Asia continent, creating a combined network that allows us to serve as a penetrating platform for companies interested in developing their brand/products in our region.

Our company is dedicated in providing both our Clients and Suppliers with the most updated market information in order to take action based on specific market needs. We focus on developing a long-term relationship with our business partners, as we believe success is obtained through constant efforts and cooperative actions.

We uphold the highest of all standards, treating our commercial partners honestly and taking our commitment seriously, as we believe trust is the safest step towards success.

Principles of Our Work

  • From market presence, to building brands, we strive to continuously set the standards for excellence in everything we do.
  • We strongly believe in our values, as our pride and dedication drive us into reaching maximum results.
  • To develop an effective network that will create important levels of negotiations between our commercial partners
  • We recognize that cooperative work is the essence for achieving our highest goals.
  • We are fully dedicated to being your complete long-term, mutual partner.


Furniture Procurement & Supply
Electronics Supply
Industrial & Household Product Distribution
Logistics & Supply Chain

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